Sunday Gatherings are an important part of being the church in Brenham, TX. To us, Sundays are like a weekly family celebration. All of our Missional Communities in and around Brenham, TX gather together for worship through singing, reading scripture, preaching, and taking communion together. 


We meet weekly at 1302 Washington St. in Brenham, TX at 10:00 AM.


At our Sunday Gatherings, you'll will be immersed in thoughtful, Gospel-Centered music that is meant to focus our attention on God. You'll also hear honest and challenging Christ-Centered messages that engage real life and current cultural issues. Often you will hear stories of God at work in the life of our church, and be invited to share in communion with other believers. Most importantly, you'll get to meet a community of people gathered around Jesus, who care for the welfare and renewal of Brenham, TX and the surrounding area.

Kids at our Sunday Gatherings

At our Sunday gathering, classes are available for the ages of infants through the 3rd grade. Children are normally taken by their parents to their classes before the gathering begins, but they are also welcome to participate in the gathering with their parents. We leave it up to parents to decide what is best for their family, and the classes are organized so that kids who arrive to class after the singing portion of the gathering will not miss out on any teaching or associated activities. Kids classes open 15 minutes before the gathering begins and continue through the end of the service.

What we sing on Sundays: