Important Announcement: We will be taking a break this summer from formally meeting as MCs. This break will begin in June and go through the month of August. We hope that by resting this summer - until MCs resume again in September - we would be intentional about being good neighbors and also about taking proper rest (Sabbath) in what God has done through Center Church in the last year. 

Missional Communities

We believe an MC is a family of servant missionaries that are committed to growing as disciples and making new disciples. Missional communities are the primary place we learn to live out our identity in Christ within life's everyday rhythms. Every MC is committed to helping one another grow in the gospel and is uniquely committed to making new disciples by sharing and showing the gospel to those they are trying to reach. 

Get Connected to a Missional Community

Below is a map of Brenham and where each of our MCs meet on a weekly basis.

MC Cheat Sheet

Here is a "cheat sheet" for each of our MCs, with more detail about where and why each of them meet. Just click on the link below to open the PDF and contact us with any further questions. 

Center Calendar

Don't forget to check out our Center Calendar - containing details for when and what time each of our MCs meet; as well as important events and dates to know for Center Church.

Request More Information

You can request more info about MCs - and even get plugged into one - by filling out this form. 
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