Center Church is apart of the SOMA Family of Churches - a church planting network committed to making disciples and planting churches of missional communities around the world, and centered around the Gospel as the foundation for our life, identity and purpose. SOMA seeks to make Gospel-centered disciples in all of life to the Glory of God, as a Family of Servant Missionaries. Day to day, Center Church operates under the SOMA structure - as a SOMA Central Texas church plant - by Gathering on Sundays, and meeting in Missional Communities and DNA throughout the week.

Why the Redeemer Network?

Center Church is apart of The Redeemer Network - a family of churches mostly in West and Central Texas who are committed to planting and establishing healthy churches together. These churches are tied together by relational trust, theological distinctives (Acts 29), and a desire to plant more churches in collaboration. Early on in the church-planting stages, the Lord gracious to lead Kyle and Haley Ogle into a relationship with Redeemer Church in Round Rock, Texas that would help guide them into building a foundation and model for Center Church. Redeemer Church and the Redeemer Network helped form what is now the Gospel-centered and missional focus of Center Church - and continues to help Center Church to this aim. Redeemer Network exists to serve their churches to help them grow in health, reach people in their cities with the Gospel, make disciples, develop leaders, and raise up new church planters.

If you would like to learn more about SOMA and the Redeemer Network: